El-Cheapo ROV: Remote operating Vehicle,

explore the depths of your neighbors pool for only $249!



Broken dreams: I always wanted to be an engineer…

imageBut I was too lazy to go to school, so I ended up pursuing my dream of being lazy (software developer). But now I can watch engineering from the comfort of my own couch! Two broken dreams come together as one.

Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for http://engineeringtv.com

Nice LED, Nice. CHeap too.

post-cheapassled.jpgCree Cheap-Ass LED Flashlight

Print your Google help


Everyone needs a little help now and again, except me! HA HA!



Ok I do too sometimes, these little google cheatsheets can actually come in handy for those rare times that you want to try and filter out those Made-for-Adsense sites. 

Get your free cheat-sheets free google cheat sheets… cheater!

Free desktop backgrounds and wallpapers that aren’t crappy!



Now you too can look like a high tech asshole!

And this is how you’re going to do it: you’ll  play the retro card!

Anyone that is going to lay out 35$ to “juxtapose” this handset to their new Razr phone, is an asshole. Period.

On the other hand if you are looking for something other than a large Mag Lite to carry on your person, in case you have to bludgeon someone, this might be what you’re looking for.

I’d like to think that you’re going to go the badass route… thinkgeek.

A cool safety watch!

You look up and see stars. But your Suunto Core sees an approaching squall. And it tells you with the Storm Alarm – one of several intelligent features that can help you make consistently good decisions.

Not bad for a watch!

Now if only they could add some sort of blood test feature to this, it won’t need the altimeter to tell you how high you are.

Give the good folks of Suunto a visit.

New device to measure the arousal level of your eggs!

Foolproof Egg Timer for dummies

Rumor has it that the company is also working on a version 2.0 that will be used to monitor the status of your nut-sack, it will also have a little beeper that lets you know when you’re “ready to go”.

Click here for “the goods

You drop this “falsie” into your pot of boiling eggs and it will tell you how hard-boiled your eggs are.

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New waterproof wallet

Next time you’re in the market for a wallet that looks like its made of cheap plastic, this baby might be worth taking a look at. Its
not actually plastic, its made of “POLYMER”. Even better, not just some of it is “POLYMER” but ALL of it!

I know!

Oh yeah, its also waterproof. Its an Australian product, so next time you’re on beach while down under, you wont’ have to worry about any of those convicts (Australians), stealing your wallet from your pile of beach crap   while you take a dip, just shove this down your  “all polymer” Speedo, and you know your valuables will be safe

Get your Polymer here

Next time you rent a room by the hour… inflatable materesses

Nowadays you can’t be too careful with matters of hygiene, after a few STDs you’ll soon learn that clean sheets just aren’t enough:


inflatable materesses